Friday, October 30, 2009


In a recent class for New York City taxi drivers at The Master Cabbie Taxi Academy, a spot survey was taken which produced statistic on average income for a group of ten drivers. It was just shy of a thousand dollars per week. All drove for large taxi companies and all but two drove full time.

I have written of NYC taxi driver jobs before. But as the world turns, people still leave the taxi business every day and more taxi shifts become available. It may not be the career you planned for and it is not an easy job, but at $50,000 per year it is a career that a realist must consider.

Drivers that purchase a car, or sign on for long term leases can earn as much as seventy-five thousand.....This brings us to YELLOW MANIA...

In my day, we would hustle to scrape up a hundred thirty, or a hundred forty dollars per shift on a good day. Sure we would do better on the occasional weekend shift, and there were many nights when the streets of plenty yielded little more than grocery money. But, the full time New york City Taxi Drivers were in the six to seven hundred dollars range per week. Approximately 30,000 for a hard driving full time cabby on annualized basis.

Now IN 2009, we are seeing full time taxi drivers earning more than fifty thousand dollars per year IN A RECESSION!!

This is something every person with a drivers license can think about. Are there paid vacations? NO...Are there paid sick days? NO...The "Easy" street you remember in the corporate world or the world of government employment is not one you can drive on now.....Cabby's DRIVE ON EVERY STREET because there is no easy street...And those who have enjoyed what they thought was easy street are lined up by the millions at the unemployment office.

How many states, like California will go bankrupt? How many Cities will be decimated like Detroit? For how much longer can Nations print paper money and call it progress as one in eight citizens are in need of gainful employment?? For how long will the average Joe wait for a job that is not coming back when he should have taken two jobs at Walmart and Seven Eleven and moved to a cheaper home...a year ago.

Downsize????All the time....But the taxi drivers are raking it in and will be doing so well ahead of the poor mans curve that is now settling on the mindset of Americas ever expanding working class......Working Class? Taxi drivers are working class.....Working Class Hero's.

To drive a taxi in New York City contact Master Cabbie TAxi Academy 1-718-472-1699 or 1-800-955-8294 or for the big money department...