Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 A TAxi Oddesy

It has been a while but we are back at it. There are no cheerleaders just scared bystanders and the others who are complaing, either left or right about what to do and what not to do....

SELF Reliance: Is a very noble attribute...And when one is not self reliant they are what??? Reliant. A taxi driver is as self relaint an individual as any other in our City today. In fact probaly more so than many..if not most. Why so?

We go through the process of being licensed by the City agencies and then embark on the journey dealing with the taxi industry aparatus, making our way to the finish line of our tasks each and every day.

We grind out our food and rent money and hopefully enough for the few things in life we all enjoy. An occasional three day weekend, or a nice night someplace with the family or that special someone. Many of us are here in this great country alone, but have familiy obligations in our native country and send much of what we earn to support wives, children or mothers and fathers. But, having left distant shores for the allure of America's freedom, not Americas support. We came to be free and we choose to cruise and fight not to lose.

Working in a New York City Yellow Taxi is much like owning a small neighborhood business. We spend a dozen hours per day and more ferrying people from east to west and borough to borough. We see the best in people and the worst. We are also witness to peolple having good luck and terrible luck as the view of the "street" is
unique,abrupt, constant and at times all consuming, and beautiful, precious.

All though we work for ourselves and spend much time alone we do find time to share taxi stories among ourselves. Many of the stories will start with "I picked up a fare at 14th and 1st going to the Waldorf" Stories and more stories as only a taxi driver can tell one. BUt like any other job it is simply shop talk.

And for those who would ask the question? We are all here legally. We are all licensed by New York City and our state of residence. Arizona needs you...And us.