Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In and around the blessings of love
Therein rests beginnings of
all that has been and all that will be
Involved to sooth my soul. Soon free
Above the fray, beyond the pale
Gruesome and glory unwind the tale
Untold again and again at length
Unheard in village squares. The strength
Beyond my human weakness grows
a farmers hand, the seed he sews
strewn across a field of blight
Calling all to see the light
of time unleashed, of hate and pain
calloused caress to amber grain
Outstretched to skies of blue and white
Floating toward the coming night
That calls the fires crackling tongues
To fight the darkness on the rungs
Leaping upward, flames approach
Pure in deed where none encroach
Upon Times alter, cleansed, now pure
Eternal rest, love, and cure
That which never leaves the place
Upon which souls receive their grace
God’s breath Bestowed, words unspoken
Wherein all is right, unbroken
In total. Gathered, in total kissed
Lips eternal, none resist
Behold life’s thoughts and breath divine
To which I fear not to resign

T. Butler Gelber
The Hack Poet
(c) All right s reserved

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